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Found this thing called “digital/fractal” art & there was an application I could try… (a few years back) while searching and viewing the website DeviantArt, when I was looking for a place to showcase my writings, this ‘art’ was unique, and intriguing to me. So I signed up to post my writings, this sight DeviantArt.

So, I started this journey of ‘playing with it’ and … It changed this ‘thing’ …Apophysis… an easy enough at the time. Fun and wanting to learn more and more. To create fun things. Boy I had a lot to learn! But the fun I found when I tried it was exhilarating! Had a lot to learn, still do. but the creative fun had just begun. And so many were willing to help. Some things have changed drastically over the years, that I was not able to do any creative playing, other things were more important at the time… As they say . Life Happens and throws a curve ball.

But now, I’m trying to get back in the SWING of things. To be creative! Hopefully you’ll enjoy some of the creative stuff I’ve made in the past and continue to make, in the future and the new mediums of art to explore.

Apophysis Gallery

Has Many Forms that can be created with the Application Apophysis and various scripts and plugins!

Fractal Explorer Gallery

Is a fun unique form creations different from the other forms of fractal / digital art

Mind-Boggling Fractals Gallery

Is no longer on the internet, but you might find some who still have the application.

Kaleider Gallery

Application of FUN Kaleider / Whizical
Digital Imagery . Creates many forms to use with this one!

Artificial Intelligence Gallery

New on My radar … Not so new to other, is the AI, Artificial Intelligence programs and they’re so many. I’ve just started as of December 2022 with this find it so fascinating. With this, there are many that I might have to separate!


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